Community Outreach Program 

Every Monday and Thursday, Ubaka U Rwanda hosts a drop-in for children who still live on the streets. Life on the streets is stressful and scary. Every child living on the streets isn't necessarily ready for change. It's a personal decision that they have to make for themselves. Our drop-in program gives them a space where they can step away from their situation and be kids! This essential program provides a place where they feel safe and where they can have a meal, wash and some fun! Additionally, this program allows us to understand the needs of these children and give them guidance. Sometimes, we can help them reintegrate back into their families or help them find foster families.

The older kids living at Ubaka U Rwanda have stepped into a mentorship role and enjoy teaching traditional dance, soccer and gymnastics. The goal is to do an activity that gives them some happiness and activates their thinking.  It is our hope to secure more funding to expand this program and eventually invite more children into our residential program, once we have the space to accommodate them. In the meantime, this outreach allows them to become accustomed to a stable family environment so they aren't completely overwhelmed if and when they reintegrate into their own families, find a foster family or come to live at Ubaka U Rwanda's center.