Sponsor a Child

When I was living on the street, and sleeping under a Bridge in Kigali, I never imagined that I would return to school. Thanks to Ubaka U Rwanda I am not only studying to someday go to university, I also have found a family.
— Muzena (17)

Our sponsorship program is the backbone of Ubaka’s continued ability to rehabilitate and care for street children. Helping them go from living on the street to a safe and secure environment where they feel loved and supported is our top priority. This essential monthly support helps ensure that they have their basic needs met, such as food, shelter, and community. This also contributes to their education expenses. Thanks to our sponsors these children now have a future filled with hope.

The cost of supporting one child is about $130 per month which includes all of their personal needs and their school fees. We know that this amount may not be feasible for one person to cover on their own. Therefore, we have divided our sponsorship into different levels so that you can choose a level that fits your budget.

  • Level 1: $30/month
  • Level 2: $60/month
  • Level 3: $90/month
  • Level 4: $130/month
Payment Options

Ubaka U Rwanda is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your contribution is tax deductible. Please consult your tax preparer for details. Our tax identification number is: 47-1717602.

What impact will a Sponsorship have in a boy’s life?

Signing up for a Sponsorship program will guarantee that a boy will never be hungry again.

You will not only benefit the child itself but also their surrounding community. You will not only provide a child with a real future through their education but also allow them to participate in skill-based leisure activities and later complete an apprenticeship.

Our ultimate aim it to allow them to grow up as self-sufficient adults and to guarantee them a rewarding life-long existence.

How can I find out how my protégé is developing?

Ubaka U Rwanda will inform you regularly about the progress of your child. Your protégé will send you letters twice a year and you can write back to stay in regular contact with them. You can even go and visit them, this way you can experience yourself how your support affects the life of the boy