Building a brighter future for Rwandan street children

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through access to shelter, education, and a family environment, we can empower rwanda's next generation.

They have a sensation of home, surrounded by people who care about and believe in them, many of them for the first time in their lives.
— Rebecca Usabyamahoro

What is Ubaka u rwanda?

Ubaka U Rwanda is a global organization that gives Rwandan youth living on the streets a second chance at a self-sufficient, fulfilling, and purposeful life. Ubaka supports both a youth foster center and local community outreach programs in Kigali, Rwanda. Ubaka U Rwanda was co-founded by Evode Usbyamahoro, who grew up a street child himself, and started the initiative in 2003. He now lives at the youth center with his wife Rebecca, and is supported by registered charities in both the US and UK. 

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Rafiki Run

The Rafiki Run is a global event that raises awareness and funds for street children in Rwanda. On November 18th,  people around the world will run in solidarity with the boys of Ubaka U Rwanda’s Street Youth Center in Kigali. In Swahili, "Rafiki" means "friend." We would like to encourage all friends and supporters of Ubaka and the boys to join us on November 18th, 2017 in our fourth annual Rafiki Run.

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run the 1 2017

Each year, a small group of runners and bikers take on one of the most difficult and iconic courses in the country, US Highway 1. In the form a relay, a distance of almost 200 miles will be covered over two days.  Each individual pushes their body to their own limit, some running upwards of 100 miles. The race was founded by Shaun Sullivan, the founder of Ubaka U Rwanda's US chapter.

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pictures from last year's Run the 1